How to party like a 40 Year old.

The Background.

I have known Vivien since she was 16 years old, three years her senior and already married with a mortgage around my neck I always envied her single carefree lifestyle. Aside from working with each other for a number of years we always saw each other one evening a week. We are like two peas in a pod we can talk about utter nonsense about anything and when together have been described as being “ bonkers “.

There is one other thing that you need to know about my friend Vivien she is a hypochondriac. Since I have known her she has suffered from at least ten strokes, cancer, various neurological diseases and a potential heart attack all of course whilst being perfectly healthy!!!!!!! She is a fantastic mum to her son Jack , partner to Sean and the gorgeous godmother to my son. Over the years she hasn’t changed one bit and reaching 40 was just another excuse for a party.

The Event.

So reaching 40 is a big deal, it’s a milestone and should be celebrated. I went to Ibiza and boy was that an adventure. Vivien opted for a double weekender and this week saw the first bash, Newmarket races. Being a good friend I had booked Boyzone to perform for her that evening also. Outfits had been purchased that were befitting for a summers evening at the races, what we wasn’t banking on was the fact that summer had got bored and buggered off leaving Spring and all it’s showers to work it’s shift. So as we looked and prayed that the 100% forecast for heavy rain that evening would disappear, in our hearts we knew we had more chance of me coming first in one of the races with Vivien on my back.

Now there was no need to change the outfits, because being 40 means you don’t panic and you don’t compromise style you just get on with it. So high heels were substituted for wellies or Chelsea boots and off we went.Not even heavy rain was going to spoil this party.

Arriving at the event Vivien’s work friends had already erected a gazebo and leapt straight out in the pouring rain assisting with ours. Before we knew it there was bunting erected, party lights flashing and the evening had begun.

Now one thing I will say is that whilst we all made a great effort to look fabulous it wasn’t the purpose of the evening, and within a short time most of us looked like we had just stepped out of the shower with a drink in our hand.

Did we care?


Did we moan?


Did we just enjoy being out with people we love and care about whilst having fun?


On one of my trips to the ladies I couldn’t help but notice the younger females with make-up bags at the sinks reapplying their make-up, hair still pristine after hiding inside. As I dripped my way over to them at the sinks looking like I had just swam there, mud all over my legs boots and dress, I couldn’t help but think they were missing out.

Dancing in the rain with your friends, laughing as they slipped over, meeting new people and soaking up the atmosphere.

Making memories seemed a lot more fun than looking pretty and hiding away inside.

You see we didn’t need to impress anybody or each other the agenda was simply to go out and have fun.


Some ladies may I add even laughed so hard they wet themselves ……

Did they care?

No… they just danced some more.

The conclusion

We arrived back at Viv’s and continued the party until 3am after which we went to bed, I did manage to kick a pair of tongues onto my room mates head as she slept on the floor ( sorry Becky ) however it wasn’t Vivien so thankfully I don’t need to worry about her thinking the lump is a tumour and have to listen to her worrying about it for the next six months.

So my message to the young ladies out that evening would be this…

When things don’t go to plan don’t change the plan just change the attitude.

Stay tuned for the 40TH Part II next weekend, which involves a train journey, cocktail making, a nightclub and heaven,knows what else we get involved in.


4 thoughts on “How to party like a 40 Year old.

  1. Oh my god this made me laugh. And any hows who’s gonna notice if you’ve wet yourself laughing when you’re soaked to the bone anyway? This is so my kind of get together with friends. Sounds like you had the most amazing time and one you will remember when you are old and grey and in a nursing home together!!!!

    1. It was brilliant Steph , we always have a great time, so much easier when you are older and have no desire to impress anybody. x

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