Haircare…Cheap V Mid Range Products Blogmas Day 21

With brands such as W7 and Make –Up Revolution leading the way for affordable and durable make-up products it is tempted to look at what else is out there hiding amongst the drug store shelves to wow us with their affordable greatness.

So off I went with hair care in mind and purchased these two products…..


And I would be comparing them to these more slightly expensive mid market products….

not crap

This will probably be my shortest blog ever because they were rubbish, the only nice thing was the tropical smell of the dry shampoo which wore off quicker than lipstick under mistletoe. I could go into finer detail and dress this up as some sort of scientific review but it would draw to the same conclusion they were both crap, under performed and I would not purchase them again.

I gave them a fair trial over a week because as you know I don’t F**** on first dates. But it would take a serious amount of Rohypnol to get me up close and personal with these two again.

So why the beauty market flourishes in some areas the hair care seems to have a fair way to go in this trend of good but affordable products.

I might even start my own range of  hair care products called Blogabble what do you reckon ??

xoxo Aj


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