Goodbye Fortyfied Beauty

Last week I made the decision to say ‘”Goodbye to Fortyfied Beauty “ and this decision was based on a number of factors.

1) In the New Year I made the decision to stop buying stuff I don’t need, blogging about beauty is expensive. You buy stuff you don’t really need to inform people you don’t really know, what you thought of the stuff you didn’t need. Which in turn they may or may not read. Before you know it you have drawers containing an unhealthy supply of make-up and skin care products.

2) Time …. I just no longer have the time to invest into writing those types of posts. I want to feel free and unburdened when I write.

3) I found the photograph below and it made me sad.


This is my son Morgan when he was just over a year old. God that picture makes me smile he really was and still is a gorgeous little boy.

Alas he is now almost twelve years old. This year will see him heading off to secondary school. Soon all the fun stuff we do together and the time we spend together will become less and less. Looking at that old photograph brought home how quickly time goes.

Now I am sure that it would have been lovely to look back over my blog posts in another five years to read about what I thought of the latest Naked pallet, but I doubt it would fill me with much by the way of nostalgia.


Whilst it may be goodbye to Fortyfied Beauty in the blogging sense , I can reveal that I will NOT be turning my back on blogging.

I love to write god knows I have said this enough times, and I love to share my experiences so I will be starting up a brand new blog.

The new blog will be a weekly online diary, a diary of events in my life Monday through to Sunday. It will detail the highs and the lows, the good times the bad times and the funny times. There will still be snippets of things I like after all they will feature in my daily goings on, so you will still get to hear about what I am loving, it just won’t be so detailed. Fortyfied Beauty will remain over on Instagram so you will still get your beauty fix there.

The new blog will mean you get to know me in a different light one I hope you will all like. In five years time I can then look back on the real life events in my blog posts and be glad that my electronic diary will fill those gaps in my memory which time and age will gradually make appear.

I am hoping that each and every one of my readers will remain with me , and with a manageable workload I promise I will deliver some great content in return.


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