Are you giving away followers along with your gifts ?

One of the topics during this evenings lbloggers chat was surrounding giveaways and their success in attraction new followers.

Now this is my opinion only of course ,  but having worked in the sales industry for years the simple AIDCA rules apply when selling .

Attention….. You have a prize  to giveaway so you tell people.

Interest……. Win this item draw closes 12.00 midnight or something similar to make them react.

Desire….. You blog about the prize and make is sound like they need this item in their life.

Conviction….. This is where you plug your blog in all it’s glory it’s  your marketing pitch.

Action……… You tell your readers what they need to do to win , follow & RT is the usual norm .

Now if giveaways  and follower numbers are your thing and you don’t mind transient readers swinging by for the freebie and then fleeing off again follow this simply algorithm and you will have some success and I wish you all the best. We all love a freebie and when the big brands do this I am the first to RT . But only the big brands because I won’t feel bad when I unfollow.

But this is what I intend to do ……..

I think giveaways should be a reward for loyalty if a reader takes the time to read your blogs and leave a comment to me they are worth a hundred of the others, so what I will be doing is once a month I will choose a comment and then I will contact the author directly and send them a gift to say thank you.

They may well then recommend your blog to a friend whom has similar interests who may well become another loyal reader. Word of mouth is a much higher recommendation than anything else , come on you all knew that right ?? That’s why we all read product reviews because we trust the content.

So I am asking you to step away from the giveaways and promote the Fortyfiedbeauty way of rewarding loyal readers. You not only will surprise somebody and make their day , but you will encourage more comments and interaction with your readers. And hey you may even feel good about this yourself.

Go for it…..

9 thoughts on “Are you giving away followers along with your gifts ?

  1. I love this idea, and I was thinking of doing something similar with my current giveaway. I decided to do it the usual way right now as I’m still small with relatively low readers, and I want to give more people the chance to discover my blog. I wouldn’t mind if they unfollowed, but I’d hope they enjoyed it enough to become a reader. But this is certainly something i would like to do in the future 🙂

  2. This is a fab idea! 🙂
    I haven’t been blogging long but to me I’d rather have 1 follower who I have conversations with and truly get to know them than have over a hundred follows but I have no idea who they’re or what they blog about.
    Chelle xx

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