Why foundations are like boyfriends.

To me buying a foundation is very much like entering a new relationship, you find one you like the look of, you take it home and gamble on whether or not things will work out between you . And just like a bad relationship a bad foundation will leave you looking and feeling miserable.

If you are anything like me you will have a drawer full of bad relationships ( pity we can’t stuff the men in there too } Finding the right foundation can be very rewarding however , and much like finding the perfect man it leaves you with a healthy glow.

But with so many types available out there the search within a saturated market can often leave you feeling frustrated. And the same goes for foundation ….. I know bad pun Aj

So the first rule… know your skin type.

Second rule… Know your skin tone and change your foundation to match the change in your skin tone throughout the year.

Third rule…. Application use the right tools for the job and experiment with application techniques and find the one best matched to you. For me it’s stippling I start at the centre and work outwards.

Fourth Rule….. Not everything that glitters is gold and all because something has a high price tag it does not mean it’s going to be the best. Now some high end products are in fact amazing and I have a couple that I love. BUT with Christmas approaching I wanted to recommend a product which was easily affordable which gave results as good as its posh neighbour at the cosmetic counter. So the one range that I love equally as much is the posh totty is …… Drum Roll please ….. The Wake Me Up Range by Rimmel.


I have been loving a few products within this range for the last few months and as you can see I have a couple of different colour foundations which saw me through summer and will take me into winter.
This foundation glides on and gives a smooth appearance that really brightens up your skin. It allows you to build coverage and lasts longer than most foundations I have ever tried. It really is a high-end product disguised in drug store packaging.


I love the concealers from this range also. As you can see I have a few different colours here too. This concealer gives full coverage and really brightens that under eye area so again reminding you that light reflects upwards this really does give you that wide awake look. So for a daytime look this is great. Personally due to my dark circles I also use Erase Paste also but by using this concealer first it means I use a lot less of the other and both last longer …. Winning.


And I could not finish this blog without mentioning the Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch I have these in two tones Flush of Pearl which is peachy colour and Radiant Rose which has a pink sheen. Apply this where the light naturally catches your face just along the top of the cheek below the eye, brow bone, cupids bow or centre of your nose. You will now look as radiant as you do under candlelight but all day long and eliminates the risk of singed hair.

I highly recommend you try these products. I guarantee you will love them and the bonus is you will have more money to spend on that little black dress for Christmas.

Head over to Boots to check them out and also take advantage of this great Smashbox offer too.





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