Fit at 40 and a female penis ??

You can almost predict the NEW YEAR , NEW ME mindset and there is no better place to evidence this than at the gym.  Whether it is to shift those extra few pounds that Christmas so generously gifted you or a serious start to gaining a healthier lifestyle then age really should not be an issue.

I have seen older ladies at the gym hardly break a sweat after 30 minutes on a treadmill and girls in their twenties throw in a rather soggy towel after a mere ten.

So can you sculpt your body back into shape after your twilight years have passed ? Absobloodylutely  you can  !!!!!

Now if I can do it anybody can , with a family and a full time job time taking up a lot of my time , I had to factor in time for the gym which after realising helped alleviate my stress became a necessity rather than a chore. It made me feel alive and after the results started to show I felt a huge sense of achievement I soon became your classic gym bunny .



Cardio was not my thing it gave me no joy and I soon developed a love for weights , ladies whom think they will leave  the gym looking like this….



Need a slap !!!!!

It won’t happen we are not genetically made to look that way and the ladies you see that do ,  are pumped with some much male growth hormone their physical features change  to reflect this .They soon start to resemble Arthur or Martha with a clitoris bigger than there partners penis !!

Be warned though lifting a few weights WILL make you toned it WILL make you look super sexy naked and it WILL  give you shape where you need it and burn fat at a rate no other exercise regime can.

Here is a collage of my back and a pic from when I first started 6 months down the line . Please note that my back is flexed after a workout and that when resting it just looks super toned and lean.


I cannot say how much diet is key and one is really not that much use or effective without the other. I ate a really clean diet and my skin thanked me for it along with my hair and nails.

There are some great ladies  out there in the blogging and vlogging world such as Nichola Whitehead RD @nicsnutrition who offers dietary advice and recipes to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Eating healthy is actually really easy and really need not cost the earth.   A majority of Nics recipes are quick and easy and packed full of essentials to keep your body running and it’s optimum level.

Throw out those scales do NOT get obsessed by a number I weigh more now than I did but I look smaller. Why ? Muscle weighs more than fat . Measure your success on how your clothes fit and nothing else.

So whatever method of exercise you choose make sure that you form is correct and that what you are doing is targeting the area you want it to. Poor form will only  lead to disappointment when the results are NOT what you expected and could  even  lead to injury. Speaking of which always ensure that you are fit to train if you are recovering from surgery or have an existing weakness speak to  proper health professionals before commencing on a programme.

Find your motivation , it helps to train with a friend and by train with a friend I mean attend with a friend , that does not mean sit alongside each other on the exercise bikes chatting away whilst catching up with last weeks gossip over a slow paced cycle . Spur each other on, motivate and compliment each other.

Never forget your headphones you will have a crap workout listening to the gym supplied music . Compile a workout playlist that motivates and pushes you. I use to find that when upping my weights Linkin Park helped push me through it.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions about my fitness journey.

So what are you waiting for get out there and get that body you deserve wether your twenty or forty age is not an issue and if you are using it as one then i am sending the age police to arrest you for misrepresentation of such a golden era ….


Good Luck

AJ  xoxo



15 thoughts on “Fit at 40 and a female penis ??

  1. Ahh I love this post definitely a women after my own heart! Over 2 years ago and at just 4’11 I weighed almost 12 stone and after having complications during an op I decided I needed to be healthy so I started the gym. 2 & a half years later it’s the best thing i’ve ever done I am now 8 stone 3 and healthier/happier than I’ve ever been 🙂 I go the gym 3 times a week doing cardio and lifting. Your figure is incredible I’ve been trying to flatten my stomach with no luck at all 🙁 haha but you’re right if you want to be healthier nothing should stop you! xx

    1. Go you girly….. well done. The belly is THE hardest and last area to tone and shed fat . It takes years to get Abs . Lots of factors stress, alcohol all create belly fat that is hard to shift. So adjust more than your diet , more you time less stress equals flatter belly, xx

      1. Thanks for the advice hun 🙂 My stomach is defiantly my toughest area to tone but I’m determined to get it there. Is there any certain foods you think I should cut out? xx

        1. Alcohol and carbs mainly honey , bread , pasta, potatoes apart from sweet potatoes . Good carbs such as vegetables, brown rice are all good. Dairy could also lead to bloat, oh an drink plenty of water if you don’t you will hold on to it and bloat.

  2. I totally agree with this! Constant cardio was never my friend. Since switching to lifting weights and interval training i have noticed such a change in my body shape, fitness and strength. I could not recommend it enough! X

    1. Excellent to hear , it certainly does tone parts ypu didn’t even realise needed it. sounds like you have a good regime . Keep up the good work. x

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