Facemasks that actually rewind the clock.

Welcome to my first blog in 2016. HAPPY NEW YEAR READERS.

Let’s admit it Christmas sees us over indulge. But when the tree is packed up in the loft and the last of the Quality Streets have been consumed, all of the over indulgence starts to become visible.

Insert sad face & violin sound here <>

Clothes feel tighter and that once glowing complexion starts to look dull and puffy, if you are really unlucky you may even suffer from the odd breakout.

And this is why I was so thankful to get sent some face masks from the brand Timeless Truth-Facial Beauty Masks to try .I can think of no better time to put these to the test than when my skin is visibly in need of a bit of TLC and rejuvenation.

The first mask from the range I tried was the Bee Venom & Royal Jelly Mask and I have to say this was the best in my opinion.


The active ingredients contained within this anti ageing Bio Cellulose mask help to stimulate the skins production of both collagen and elastin helping to smooth lift and tighten the skin.

Hailed as natures Botox Bee Venom has been used for centuries. Although Bee Venom is actually the poison, which makes those Bee Stings so painful, there is nothing but a feeling of utter indulgence both during and after using this mask. It was bliss.

But be warned if you are allergic to Bee Stings this mask is NOT for you.

My skin was left feeling as soft as velvet and with a slight tingling sensation. It felt like blood was being pumped straight to my face giving it a much-needed boost.

The effects of using this mask lasted well into the next day and my skin was still looking tighter smoother and bright. In fact I went out that day without wearing makeup and was complimented on how great and youthful my skin looked. Winning!!!! Which is exactly what this mask did in the 2014 Beauty Awards as it was awarded GOLD.

The second mask I tried was the Apple stem cell Collagen Mask.


Now the key ingredient to this mask is the stem cell part, living Stem Cells are extracted from Swiss apples and this will all make sense when you realise that Apple Stem Cells act in a similar way to human stem cells. So these extracted cells help to repair damaged tissue. The added ingredient Marine Collagen feeds the elasticity of the skin reducing signs of dehydration and ageing.

This mask gained Silver in the 2014 beauty Awards and its award winning properties will leave you feeling pampered, invigorated by the scent of apples and looking fresh. I will say that this mask didn’t have the WOW factor for me as much as the Bee Venom mask did but it still left my skin looking and feeling great but unremarkable the next day.

Both masks are absolutely brimming with serum, and careful unwrapping will leave you with enough products left over to apply to your skin the next day.

Application is easy and I found it simple to fit the mask comfortably over the contours of my face. The mask feels comfortable whilst in place and for 20 minutes I was transported to an oasis of relaxation whilst I let it do it’s thing.

Mask in place doing it's thing !!
Mask in place doing it’s thing !!

Top tip………..
For extra comfort place the mask still in it’s packaging in warm water for a while and alternatively if you want to feel refreshed place the mask in the fridge.

I have one more mask to try from the luxury range and I am saving that for next month so watch out for that review too.

Head over to the website and check out the other masks within the range and find one that is perfect for you.

And reasonably priced these masks will form part of your weekly skincare routine without breaking the bank. I for one will BEE placing and order.

Gotta fly..



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