Election Blah Blah……

This is a party political broadcast on behalf of the after party …..

Tomorrow ladies if you don’t take to the polling stations and exercise the right Emily Pankhurst fought so nobly to legacy to you then I have one question for you ?

Will you stop bloody moaning about the state of affairs in our beloved country ? Because guess what you have a chance to be heard tomorrow and be part of a culture of change and if you don’t take It your argument is no longer valid.

Quite a powerful statement to make I know. But although I am no great political activist , I am a parent and my vote is also a vote for my child. Yeah the pre-election run up makes for good television and I for one love a debate , personally nobody locally has knocked on my door to discuss what they can do for me. I had a leaflet which I put to one side and then binned.

I worked in sales for years I know how to get people to buy into a dream, carve a hope out of thin air. However they could have all the faith in the world in me , but what would hold them captive and loyal was not my winning smile and charismatic approach. It was the company I represented the company that had to deliver the expectations I had sold.

So the leaflet to me was Election Blah Blah , a knock at the door would be Election Blah Blah. So when I do vote I will be looking at the bigger picture . I won’t be reading the hype , I won’t be buying into a sales pitch. I will be voting as if I was about to vote for a guardian with whom I am entrusting mine and my son’s future.

Plan for the life you deserve, poor old Emily died just before the law for equal rights to vote for women was passed in parliament . She died feeling unaccomplished don’t let tomorrow end for you with the very same thoughts when you awaken to your nemesis rocking up to Number 10 in his Mr Shifter van with your families future packed tightly into his box of tricks.

So however you vote , please just vote, a wasted vote is like an empty seat on a plane. It’s part of a journey that has started without you…. destination unknown…….


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