Why dogs are like men but better !!!

If you read my last post then you will know that today I have been thinking about different forms of the same thing and I can’t help but notice how similar dogs are to men .

And that the relationship we have with both is actually connected to the same emotional trigger.

Now put aside that they pee in the corner of the bedroom if not well trained and that they get bad wind an awful lot if you don’t address their diet, you need to accept that somethings men are just born to do it’s in their genetics….

Now whilst dogs do share these similar traits there is one difference , they learn quickly and can soon be trained to control their primeval urges. They have no ego you see, you tell them who is boss they respect this because they know you will feed them , play with them , love them and therefore they NEED you. so they respect you.

As for men now try and tell them who is the boss and out comes that ego , they soon forget who feeds them, entertains them loves them. All forgotten in favour of asserting their male dominant side , it soon becomes more important to be right all of the time. Until that is they are hungry , require errrrr entertaining and start to feel a bit unloved .And then like a scorned puppy , back he will trot tale his tale between his legs.

Now at this point like a dog whom has been a bit naughty you are still a bit angry with him but like your dog you can’t resist those big sad brown eyes that scream ” I’m sorry i’m too stupid to know any different “.

So the part of our brain that mother nature controls called the (weak side) gravitates us towards both man and beast oh and dogs… You see we like to be needed we like a challenge and we love the thought that to somebody we are everything.

Now some dogs such as The Littlest hobo will pretty much set up home with anybody who will stroke it’s head and men are ummmmmmm no different !!!

But on the whole both are loyal beasts who warn of potential harm to their beloved at the drop of a hat.

However dogs unlike men will not remind you of it for the next ten years. Now my little bundle of fluff does like to dry hump his teddy but at this early age he doesn’t even know why he is doing it but I am told he will grow out of it when he gets his doggy balls chopped off !!

Now I bet there is not a single woman in the land that cannot stand at the sink or the cooker without getting dry humped from behind by their other half. Only difference is that he does know what he is doing and cutting off his balls will not solve the problem believe me women have tried !!

Other reasons dogs are better than men include…

Throw a ball and tell a dog to fetch it … they will.

Ask your man to fetch you a pint of milk from the shop and you would think the shop was at the top of Mount Everest.

Go for a walk with them and they will walk alongside you loyally and if you stop to look in a shop he will wait patiently .

Walk down the high street with your fella and he is probably 5 metres ahead of you , stop to look in a shop window and you get the “death stare ” followed by the lecture !!!

I have both in my life and I wouldn’t be without either of them. All this malarky about single women and cats is a big fable put around by a man not wanting to be out shone by a dog.

And on that note I am about to walk the husband whilst the dog watches match of the day with a beer.


Does your dog look like your fella ????? Tweet me @fortyfiedbeauty if they do I would love to see.


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