Did I peak too soon ?

It’s the last Sunday before Christmas and if you are anything like me you now want the day to hurry up and arrive.

But did I peak too soon??? I am one of those annoying individuals that by the last week of November are already engaging that switch in my head that deploys Christmas mode.

Festive movies are standard and I am already planning on where the tree is going to take pride of place.

I play festive tunes most of the time and take pleasure in searching for Christmassy jumpers. I collate more Costa festive cups than is healthy or necessary and see myself magnetized to anything festive.

You see I am all about the build up … you can keep Boxing Day and I am not fussed about New Year one bit. As far as I am concerned the tree can come down and I can tidy everything away ready to start the New Year fresh. And that is usually what has happened in my household before New Years Eve is upon us.

This year the other half is going away to the Algarve skydiving just after Boxing Day and whilst I shall be venturing away to stay with my bestie for a couple of days, before I go I will probably have Christmas back up in the attic.

I often wonder if maybe I should leave putting the decorations up until the 12 days start and see if this helps me go the full festive length.

I suppose the good thing about being this way is that I start the New Year as I mean to go on clutter free.

My blog will be getting a new look for the start of 2016 and I start a new job in January so I am already ringing in those bells of change.

There will be no No Year New Me bullsh** . It will be the same old me but with a new set of goals.

So in the final days leading up the main event I shall drink in the last few days of the Christmassy atmosphere, I shall dine out on festive fun, until I am fit to burst. And when I wake up Boxing Day I will spend the last of my festive days doing very little but eating drinking and having precious family time. The 27th however will see Christmas being packed up wrapped up and stowed away until next year.

With every year I get older the years skip by quicker than ever my desire to achieve becomes stronger and so I am leaving a pledge here.

” On Day 20 of Blogmas 2016 I will repost this blog and contained within I shall add all of the things I have accomplished during the year 2016″.

It will be interesting to see what I actually did with that precious time that I today have claimed goes by so quickly.


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