D***heads , Grounders and Snugglies.

You have more than likely read the title of this blog and thought what on earth is this all about ?

Well it’s easy the above are actually the three categories I have constructed which my friends fall within.

I am here to tell you why I pop them all in boxes and how this helps these friendships remain lifelong.

Let’s start with the D****heads…

For the record a majority of my closest friends fall within this category , these are the friends whom have mastered the art of appearing sensible and sane to the outside world, but when the need arises have the ability to turn into rebellious adolescent fun loving d***heads. The desire to talk absolute rubbish to absolutely anybody and above all else love to have fun and enjoy life .They are often found to be the last ones to leave a party and the first ones never to get invited back.

The Grounders….

These are friends that have the strength and courage to tell you when you yourself are being a D***head . They will give you a talking to just like your mother but without standing in judgement. They have the ability to make you step back think and rationalise. For every 3 D***head friends I have a Grounder.

The Snugglies…..

These are the ones that after being a D***head and getting a talking to from a Grounder you go to for empathy. Known for their caring nature . They brush aside all thoughts and feelings to offer you a shoulder to cry on and a massive hug to make things better.

Now D***heads and grounders will probably not mix well at a party , the grounder will give you that look when the D***heads lure you into their naughty pack. Torn between disappointing the D***heads and embarrassing the Grounder you will spend the night miserable. So don’t do it.

Grounders and Snugglies will get on at a push but the snugglies may find the opinions of the grounders a little too much over a long period.

So keep the rendezvous short….

Because a Snugglie will watch over you and your D***head friends and act like a guardian , laugh at the antics and make sure you all get home safely they can mix nicely with the D***heads . They will also make you all a nice hangover breakfast in then morning.

I feel blessed to have a mixture of good friends none of which I ever take for granted. Secretly I know the Grounders look at the D***heads and wish they had the courage to let down their guard and I know the D****heads will wish that part of then had the stamina and foresight of a grounder. We all love a snugglie and wish we could have the compassion and patience of one.

So my mixture of friends all teach me something in life and from each of my friendships I feel richer. I value each and every one of them and I know that the day I take my final breath they will all come together and say…

” God she was a D***head but boy did she made me laugh , she gave good advice but holy crap her cuddles sucked ”


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