Designer Skincare Without The Price Tag

Not everything great in life comes at a high price, some of the simplest pleasures in life are the ones that are either free or come with value for money.

The same goes for beauty, whilst high-end brands give you that sense of luxury they often come at a high price, one that doesn’t always match the benefits.

Looking after your skin with quality products shouldn’t come with a high price tag.

Skincare is something that shouldn’t just be for the over 30’s, either the time you invest in taking care of your skin will be paid back to you later in life believe me.

Personally I love trying new brands not only to see what effect they have on my skin but also to promote awareness of the benefits. So when I was asked to review two products from the Superdrug Optimum PhytoDeluxe skincare range naturally I agreed.

Superdrug is one of my favourite places for cosmetics, the affordability of the ranges which Superdrug houses are brilliant so what could I expect from these two ?

Affordable skincare
Affordable skincare

Well according to Superdrug themselves

“PhytoDeluxe combines the luxury of precious Platinum Matrix-EM – an exceptional conjugation of platnum particles with a potent terapeptide – and rare Black Diamond Truffle to pamper mature skin with ultimate indulgence while effectively counteracting the visible signs of ageing “

Now they had me at rare Black Diamond Truffle, but what on earth is it?

Black Diamond Truffles are mined from the ground and mostly used in gourmet food. However they are also known for their therapeutic properties for the skin.

Historically French royalty held truffles in high esteem, as they were known for their energizing properties.

Just as a diamond requires cutting from a rough stone to a gem, the fresh truffles undergo a process to optimize their skincare properties and mixed with other beneficial properties to create the perfect formula for energizing and rejuvenating the skin.

Okay so this sounds an expensive process and the fact that this mining process can only be undertaken once a year (hence the rarity) you can understand why,

So with this in mind and before I even looked at how much these products were to purchase I gave the products a good few weeks to see if this was just a fancy gimmick or if they really worked.

Indulgent SPF15 Day Cream.

The packaging is stylish, light and the pump works well for this medium consistency cream, it looks expensive without looking pretentious.

It smells so fresh and dare I say it “ energizing”. The scent reminded me of clean crisp fresh washing and it absorbed into my skin beautifully. Leaving it looking fresh and bright. Great for under make-up.

Comforting Night Cream.

The packaging is the same as the day cream so nothing new to say there. The scent however is slightly different, not as nice as the day cream, but not at all offensive it just smells like a standard face cream. It absorbed well into my skin and did not leave it looking or feeling greasy afterwards.In the morning It felt baby soft.

The Verdict.

I have to say that after using both creams for 3 weeks my skin is looking a lot brighter and especially in the mornings. My neck and décolletage have seen a remarkable difference, with the skin looking and feeling much softer smoother and appearing plumper my skin is very thin in this area as I am quite tiny framed and this has really made it appear healthier .My skin just looks and feels younger and it has definitely wound back the clock for me. The lines around my mouth are also less noticeable and appear a lot plumper.

So how much does this little piece of luxury cost?

Well I for one was actually amazed at how much this product is to purchase.

Both creams retail at £14.99 which is amazing value considering the results. Affordable value with exceptional results.

Other well know skincare brands using Black diamond Truffle retail at over £200 !!!!

This is a range that I want to try more of and I will be heading to Superdrug to purchase and try other products within the range.

What’s not to love ?


You can purchase the products here.


And even better they are currently Buy 1 get 1 FREE!!!!

These will make great sticking fillers and will certainly be making their way into my basket this Christmas.



2 thoughts on “Designer Skincare Without The Price Tag

  1. So great to read your review as I have been trying out this range too. It really is a bargain, I can’t imagine how they manage to do it for the price. Superdrug own brand has a lot of hidden gems and this is one of them.

    1. Glad you liked it too Joanne . It really is an excellent product one I think we need to watch evolve. It is going in my November faves , that’s for sure.

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