Daily Skincare Routine

I thought it was about time I blogged about my daily skincare regime. I frequently get asked on Twitter what products I use on my skin , and people are often taken aback when I fail to mention many mature skin specific products. now I am not saying that they don’t work because I am sure many of them do however there are many equally as good general products available that work just as well without the ramped up price tag.

So this is my current skincare regime and one that I will continue to use for as long as my skin responds to it in a positive manner , I am tempted however now that my serum is almost empty to try another but more on that later…

So for a start I ….

And after chanelling my inner Dolly I cleanse my face using the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm…


I adore this product and you can read all about it within a previous blog post titled I have Been Cleansed.

After using this product my face is left feeling squeaky clean, so the next step it to get my lips feeling the same and my face toned and glowing. Firsty I use a Lush Sugar Lipscrub to keep my lips looking and feeling super kissable and then apply Pixi Glow tonic onto my face using a cotton pad to brighten and tighten my skin. I purchased my first bottle of this last November and I have just repurchased it again as I love the results which it gives.


If you want a more in-depth review catch upon my previous review of this product

Now I am feeling clean and looking bright my next step is to replace the moisture and nourish my skin locking in goodness and protecting it against the daily street grime.


Next up I use The Body Shop Vitamin C Serum which I don’t think I will ever stop using , lots of my readers purchased this product after one of my previous reviews and I hope they now feel the same.Not only does it smell fresh and zesty but it also acts as a great primer before make-up.

I then smother my lips in the Elizabeth Arden 8 hr cream to prepare them for any impending lipstick application and to moisturise the bejesus out of them.

Then its time for some eye care and I apply the Kiehls creamy eye treatment with advocate around my eye area . This cream is super thick so you only need a tiny amount. It really smooths out the skin around the eye and helps to reduce those fine lines and dark circles.It feels lovely during application and can be used on the most sensitive of skin.

For the morning routine I leave it here and if I am wearing makeup that day then I would move onto it’s application.

In the evening I do exactly the same routine to my skin but I add in and extra step at the end, my YSL Youth liberator Serum.


I had this for Christmas as a gift and have been using it ever since, I really have noticed a difference in my skin since using it and now that it is almost empty I am torn between repurchasing this or getting the Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum so if you have any blog posts on this product please leave me a link in the comment section below.

I hope you enjoyed reading my skincare routine .


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