Crisis at Christmas Blogmas Day 7

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. For most….. But for others it brings heartache and the possibility of spending another Christmas without a loved one or spending another Christmas on the streets.

Spending that first Christmas dinner with an empty chair around the table once filled by a loved one is hard, I know I have been there myself, and as the years go on sadly yet another chair will empty. However one year a highchair may make an appearance signally a new addition to the family.

As our relatives age and life goes on chairs will be left vacant and this will continue right up to the point that the once occupier of the highchair becomes the empty chair at his or her child’s table. I guess the message I am making is look beyond that empty chair this Christmas look around at those which are occupied , raise a toast to those that have passed and then enjoy the day with those you have with you. Because one day that empty chair will be theirs.

Sadly some people will face Christmas on the streets and this situation bothers me far more than any other world crisis. In a country where we pride ourselves as being a nation that cares, we still have our own people that the system fails.

I have a few friends whom spend the Christmas period volunteering for Crisis at Christmas feeding the homeless a hearty Christmas Meal and spending time with those less fortunate.

You will never see these people’s names appearing on a list in a tabloid newspaper praising there efforts ,mainly because we would be admitting that Great Britain is not so Great at taking care of its own to the nation. There will no New Year’s honours list for these folks, and to be honest you would never hear of a volunteer chasing recognition.

These people are so humble and spirited that for me they are the true meaning of Christmas. If this is something you would like to do , then you can register to become a volunteer by visiting .They have a variety of shifts you can work all over the festive period so if Christmas Day you can’t make it then there are more to choose from . And if you do sign up and prove to me you worked I will personally send you a little gift to say thank you.

So this Christmas do what you can to make those around you glad to be alive and for those that have passed make them proud.


4 thoughts on “Crisis at Christmas Blogmas Day 7

  1. Such a different and lovely post. I agree to make the most out of time with your family, my whole family have missed my Dad for the last few Christmas, this will be our third without him and it always feels just as sad. But we toast to him and remember him and it’s lovely, just a different kind of lovely.
    Mimi x

    1. Yes !! Exactly a different kind of lovely such a nice awy of putting it. My dad loved Christmas so no way could I be sad he is no longer here to celebrate it with me ,his legacy must live on lol xx

  2. Such a true and very saddening reality. I think it is lovely that people take time out of their Christmas to spend it with people less fortunate. It is something that more people should do, including myself. And we should definitely be giving more recognition to those that do already – although they probably would not want it. Great post Aj for making people think about more than glitter and baubles.

    Brenda BusyBee

    1. Thank you Brenda that means a lot. I am going to sign up for it next year and blog about it. I bet there will be some amazing stories told around this dinner tables that desrve a wider audience. xx

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