Creating away from the keyboard…..

Happy Easter readers , by now you are all probably bored of chocolate and already counting down the days until you can hit the gym.

Todays blog is a little different it’s not about make-up for a start. You see yesterday whilst on a family day out at the beach followed by a trip to the woods I captured the moment above. A natural moment between my son and my puppy Peanut playing and having fun in the sand dunes.

I had not spent half an hour arranging them to look staged or to appeal to others unlike so many photos that end upon on my blog, it wasn’t taken to get you to buy into any kind of lifestyle or to educate ….. or was it ????

Initially no ….this is a natural moment captured during a fun family day out. But I have however decided to use it to get you to look again at the type of lifestyle that we often forget about.

The one that we actually live .

The one that we don’t need to invest into , the one that we created ourselves and will evolve with us , the one that no blog post not even mine will ever enrich.


You see the saying “life happens when you are busy making plans” is actually pretty spot on. And that is why every now and again it’s good to step away from the laptop and into the world and spend time with those that you love and whom deserve your focus.

Readers are transient they will come and they will go , it’s just like walking away from a conversation you are no longer interested in at a party.But family and friends well they will always be there until life chooses otherwise , and it’s only then that you will cherish what money and influence cannot buy.


So get outside and live….. summer is on it’s way and guess what it wants you spend it with you. We can all forgo one less blog post a week to do something new with those that matter surely.

So as we move into lighter nights swap the gym for a bike ride with the kids , or a long walk with the dog. And when you do those things look around you with fresh eyes, look and think if I had to blog about this what would I write ? Use that marvellous creative brain of yours not to write about the life you want but to live it.


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