Complaint Letter to BT

Dear Sirs,

In 1969 man took his first steps onto the moon, pretty amazing stuff. President Nixon seeing the footage recorded by Armstronghimself on the TV cameras installed on Eagle , immediately sent a message to Armstrong . This was closely followed by other messages of congratulations from many other nations. Mission control managed to communicate with another human being over 384,400km from earth using much less complex equipment than we have today. Utterly amazing I think we all agree.

Recently our sleepy village was sent hurtling into the 21st century with then promise of new upgraded SUPERFAST broadband. service I knew this because there was a lovely large sticker stuck to the front of our BT exchange box, which is located ½ mile away from my home.

This news was received most favourably within our household as our current Internet speed is on par with that of eating soup with chopsticks. We high fived each other and eagerly anticipated the GO LIVE date. As the weeks past and the advertisement began to fade so did the hope in our hearts. Checking the web for updates (when we could of course due to very slow internet speeds) it left us feeling disappointed.

So today after playing Russian roulette with the various devices once again.

Russian roulette: –
A great modern day parlour game BT introduced. The rules are simple any more than two devices and you both get kicked off the web. It is then a battle of wills for the next few hours as you both you try to gain supremacy.
(Please also note It once took me a week to write an email due to my son being on half term and my husband watching back to back box sets of breaking Bad on Netflix, which he highly recommends by the way)

We discover it is NOT available in our area.

Now my question to you is this.

How come 46 years ago we could send and receive signals 384,400 KM from earth to the moon yet BT cannot connect my home to Superfast Broadband via an exchange box less than half a mile away?

Personally I feel that the service has gone downhill since busby died and you stopped using Maureen Lipman in your adverts.



I also notice that you no longer have a corporate slogan Like Tesco’s “Every little helps” or Nokia who take pride in “connecting people “. May I suggest something along the lines of BT … Because fast is not for everyone. Maybe you can bring back Busby in the form of a turtle.

Here is a picture of a cute turtle, which I think would placate the small children whom cannot access the web.


I eagerly await your response to my e-mail. However there is no rush as my turn on the web after this evening is not on the household rota until mid August.

Thanking you in advance.


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