Comment or not to comment ?

Usually if somebody gives you advice on something its common practice to thank him or her and show your appreciation of them having shared their knowledge.

You wouldn’t just ignore them, you wouldn’t just register the advice and think to yourself “ What great advice “ and just walk away from them without saying a word , because that is just plain old rude.

But that is exactly what we do when we read a blog and think great advice / content but leave without writing a comment. It is almost like we find it socially acceptable to be ignorant if the person engaging in conversation is not standing in front of us in their human form.

I am guilty of this myself, I hold my hand up for doing exactly what I described above. But it’s wrong and we need to change the way we interact.

Comments are gold dust to other bloggers, we don’t need it to be all hearts and flowers, nice feedback is always uplifting. But we also need to know perhaps if this was a post that you just didn’t engage with , you see we need to understand our market.

In order for us all to grow our blog and widen our audience, we need to understand what people want. And the only way of finding this out is via the comments and input made by the very people that we aim to please.

Feedback helps us grow and improve and if done properly creates a supportive audience.

The old saying praise in public correction in private is key for bloggers. Keep the public forum for praise. A good comment can really lift the spirits of the author and a bad one can be destructive and incite others to do the same. So whilst correction is also welcome ensure it is done privately. This way respect is given to the comment.

I still don’t know why we find it so hard to give feedback. Are we too lazy? Do we like to be liked?

Feedback is the opportunity to motivate and we can all do with motivation at times even the most established blogger won’t argue against that.

So how about we change our behaviour and next time we read a blog and like what we read make sure we let them know. It takes seconds after all and we owe it to our peers and we owe it to the world of blogging.


4 thoughts on “Comment or not to comment ?

  1. This is all so true! We are say we love comments and want more yet no one ever seems to comment! I try my best to comment on blogs but I guess life gets in the way sometimes!

    1. Thanks Kylie , I know but in reality it takes seconds . We need to set ourselves a goal to do it. if we all do it before you know it it’s common practice.

    1. Thanks Lynda ,I am going to practice what I have preached , and I dare say I will feel a better blogger through doing it x

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