Cleopatra’s skincare secret revealed…Green Harmony Ltd !

You know when you interact with a brand and you just get the feeling of how much they care, not only about the products they are the ambassadors for but also about the customers they serve well part of this review I am dedicating to this.

I can quite honestly hand on heart say that the folks over at Green Harmony products are some of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. They genuinely care about you. It’s the sort of attention that is usually lavished on those paying a premium in order to receive the very best in customer experience. You get this for free.

For this fact alone I would recommend this company, a lot of other brands could certainly take a leaf out of their book when it comes to service delivery and customer engagement. So as a believer of giving credit where credit is due I feel it is important that this is given acknowledgment and praise.

Now onto a couple of the products from their range I have been trying over the last few weeks. I have lots to get through so in order to fully realise the benefits I am using a few at a time so this will be part of a trilogy.

Green Harmony’s Products all contain Aloe Vera and Bio natural ingredients all grown in Spain and the Canary Isles. Those of you familiar with the benefits of Aloe Vera will already know that it has an abundance of health benefits including six antiseptic properties.


Cleopatra used Aloe Vera as part of her beauty skincare regime and if it’s good enough for Cleo it’s good enough for you!!! And to be fair she hardly looked shabby did she .

The list of benefits goes on and on and so to name a few if you are looking at reversing signs of aging skin and wrinkles or to brighten your skin. (Aloe can decrease pigmentation and dark spots) these products will not only become your BFF they will be your BAE.

So with this in mind I had high hopes for the Regenerating body Cream £10.50 for 250ml


This thick body cream smells fresh and reminds you of holidays in the sun. It absorbs quickly into the skin and this could be to do with the snail slime…. Yes you heard that correctly snail slime along with active ingredients that regenerate the skin such as allantoin, proteins, vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids, minerals and trace elements, mucopolysaccharides, enzymes and cytokines after daily application will leave your skin feeling and looking youthful.


It’s as good as the Body Shops Body Butters!!!!!!

After a few uses my skin felt and looked more hydrated than ever and it really helped with maintaining my fake tan. , I saw it lasting a few days extra than it had done previously. A little goes a long way and the price is reasonable and pitched correctly in my opinion.
This will definitely become a staple product for me and def. one for the holiday packing list.

My second product is XTRA TENSING SERUM WITH COBRA VENOM ACTIVE (for Mature Skin) £15.20 for 35 ml.


Packed with vitamins and Aloe Vera this serum has a tensing effect that you can feel and notice immediately upon application. It’s like your skin is being pulled taught and smoothed out, great for tired skin in the morning and a base for make up. Of course skin-tightening creams are always under the spotlight in terms of long-term effects. As basically lets be honest there is no such thing unless you take scalpel to skin. But this serum isn’t claiming to leave you looking like you have had a full-face lift. It simply claims to have a tensing effect on the skin, which will last several hours. And with that in mind in does exactly as promised. The effects would last an evening out with the girls and keep them guessing whether you have had Botox or not!!!!

The ingredients contain a range of vitamins, which will nourish your skin, so think of it as a liquid tablet with bite!!!

So until my next review why not visit their website here HERE and take a look at the range of products for yourself.


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