My Christmas Day Blogmas Day 17

In case like me you are nosey I thought you might like to know my schedule for Christmas day so here goes ….

This Christmas no doubt I will be awoken by either a puppy with a fit to burst bladder or an excited little boy checking to see if Santa has been.

If it is the latter than the puppy will follow shortly after the first excited present discovery squeals are emitted. If I drop the ball with this one my first job will be sanitary control. Ewwwwww

The next hour or so will then be spent frantically trying to write down who brought what for whom so that we can write and thank them in the New Year. Yes giving thanks is important folks so male sure you do.

We will all then head into the kitchen upon which we will cook and devour chocolate and strawberry pancakes for breakfast cooked by my personal chef ( husband) he is just as good as Gordon Ramsey ( at swearing) These will be washed down with fresh orange for little one and Bucks Fizz for us. Start as you mean to go on is what I say (drunk).

This year we are dining out and the family have a table booked for 3pm , so I have all morning to spend time taking those crappy fastenings off toys (you know the wire things that hold them in boxes ) , fit batteries into toys and spend quality time with my boys . Cheesy Christmas songs are a must whilst relaxing in our festive Pj’s until Grandma arrives for present giving part 2 (because we all know Santa delivers to Grandma’s house too). Christmas has always been a huge family time for me, and my mum and dad held the most amazing Christmas Eve parties every year until my father passed away. Memories remain however and that’s what I now hold dear.

We will then all get spruced up into our OOTD and head out for 5 courses of festive fayre. There will be no stress of cooking and I could not be happier about this if I am honest. Although I will miss that aroma filling the house Christmas morning. I wonder if Yankee Candle can produce me a Christmas Lunch one …. Or OMG a Christmas pudding one would be AMAZING!!

Patent that Aj owns the rights !!!!

Three hours later we will return feeling suitably fat and sleepy. This year however there is a good reason not to sloth out , so a puppy walk around the village will be enough to burn some calories and tire him out for the evening (the husband that is , I will be slothing out )

The evening of course will be full of chocolate washed down with Bubbly, Baileys, laughter and a serving of Christmas soaps where there will no doubt be a murder, an arrest or a break up. In soaps in happens at Christmas in real life it happens most days.

The rest of the evening will be a mixture of fun games and the usual family banter .And isn’t that what Christmas is all about.

There will be no rows, there might be the occasional nap and I will be having my first blog free day after completing my first 24 day marathon #Blogmas. So cheers to that. Thanks to all of you for sticking with me. Helping me grow and giving me inspiration.

I will then retire to bed happy and content with my day. Next year one of my days will be spent assisting Crisis at Christmas and I am looking forward to giving somebody else that very same feeling too.

Only then will I be able to say I felt the true spirit of Christmas.


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