Change your eye colour in under a minute !!

We change the colour of our hair to match current trends, seasons and very often to transform the way we look.

We slow down the visual ageing process with botox and if you were born flat chested or with a big nose you can even change that .

But why about if you fancy having a change of eye colour ?? Do you have brown eyes and always fancied being the green eyed monster or the blue eyed girl ??

Do you love a certain makeup shade but it just won’t compliment your current eye colour ?? Leaving you wish you had green eyes to rock that purple pallet.

Then change it !!! It really is that simple and takes less than a minute.

Spooky eyes have a range of coloured contacts that can completely transform the way you look , from crazy to Halloween to Natural. will have something to lure you in…

I was sent these lenses to try out and to be honest although not the colour you normally see on a mother shopping around Tesco these actually looked rather subtle and pretty . I wore them for a whole day and went about my business as usual , I had lots of compliments on them that day and nobody tried to do a Zola Budd on me thinking I was a Zombie and talking of which looking at the Zombie ones over at I now cannot wait for Halloween.


The ones I chose retail at £19.59 with FREE delivery . At this prices you can get a few pairs and keep looking FRESH.


So how did they perform ????

I have never ever in my life worn contacts plus I have a stigma in both eyes ( rugby balls shaped eyes and not holes where they were nailed to a cross i case you are confused ) but these contacts are so soft that this just wasn’t an issue. And after a few failed attempts at putting them in I relaxed and just let the lens do it’s thing once on my eye it really was that simple . They have a high water content and are made from a breathable material so my eyes stayed moist during the whole course of the day.

They felt a bit alien ( pardon the pun ) for the first half hour whilst my eyes adjusted to them but after that I hardly knew they were there. I even had a nana nap in them with no problems whatsoever.

I really want to try this pair next I think they will look stunning in the summer months.

I will be buying a rage of these for sure and I have to say that it is amazing how a different eye colour can make you feel different . It’s rather weird and rather wonderful and oddly rather empowering .The name spooky eyes really does not do them justice to me they were magical.

If you purchase some let me and the guys over at know the colour you try and how you get on. I personally think they are GREAT !!!! And for the party season you can really go to town with them.

So check out



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