When does change become a problem ???

I dealt with a situation this week which confirmed one thing to me , the older we get the more we become resistant to change.

This in itself scares me , you see I like the flexibility I show in my attitude and the constant desire I have to keep evolving. The thought of one day uttering those words ” But we always do it this way ” to my son is enough within itself to incite me to evaluate the point I have reached in life and think to myself ….. “Is change already becoming a problem for me “?

I do feel that having a young child is enough to keep me curious enough about the future to still be part of the change phenomenum. After all change can be good for us and often set us off to pastures new and exciting.

But when my son fleas the nest and I am left with my own neuroses will I start to see things differently ? And fear the very thing that has kept my life moving forward.

I am pretty sure that a lack of confidence must play a huge part within this desire to resist and where we would once throw ourselves arms outstretched into the winds of change, letting it carry us along with curiosity and hope, do we at some point fold our arms and turn away from the wind.Choosing instead to remain static. The thought of coping with the results of change too much to contemplate because we may no longer feel adequate.

It takes a strong person to pack a bag at 65 and say “Screw this I’m off travelling ” the fear of separation too overwhelming for most to even contemplate.

But people do it and boy do I salute them.

Life is unpredictable that’s for sure , therefore surely the ability to change is a lifelong requirement ?

So what can I do to prevent myself from falling into this trap ?

Th answer lies within the outlook I have on life , the ability not to fear the future . Not to compartmentalise life so much that when it goes wrong I plunge into meltdown mode. Like our computers need software updates to keep performing well so do our attitudes.

Learn to embrace the unknown and maybe just maybe you will stay relevant.


2 thoughts on “When does change become a problem ???

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this . Its true you have to be open to change and new ideas . Fortunately you can keep a check on yourself and adjust when necessary . I’m on the brink of change and it’s taking a huge leap of faith .

    1. This is true and whatever change you are on the brink of , head into it with an open mind and heart I wish you all the luck in the world

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