Bronze Goddess returns with a twist

Estee Lauders Bronze Goddess has been a cult summer fragrance since it’s launch in 2013, it screams sun kissed skin, beach vibes and has everybody rushing to restock each year to relive that perfect summer. You would therefore think that there was no need to mess with this iconic fragrance which has been given the label of “Summer in a bottle”.

But they have …..And May 2017 saw the launch of Bronze Goddess Eau Du Parfum. With warmer notes this is less beach vibes and sultrier evening beach strolls. With notes of Warm Amber and Bergamot, coconut and musk, the EDP is the grown up sister of it’s predecessor, and you will be pleased to hear that that magic combination becomes more intense as your body temperature rises.

The packaging is a little questionable, the pop of turquoise around the neck of the bottle kind of cheapens the look for me, this most definitely should have been Copper and Black to give it a more sophisticated edge but don’t listen to me my home is virtually white & grey throughout so I am hardly the expert.

In terms of longevity it last well and will last you all evening, But if you are expecting that classic sun cream aroma you will be disappointed this is a deeper scent and I have to say in my opinion probably worthy of a totally different name as I feel some Bronze Goddess worshippers may be disappointed and feel that it has strayed too far from the original.

With this in mind I would definitely advise against an impulse purchase online, you need to go in store and try this first.

Personally I adore strong musky scents and for me this is a winner, but I can see where it could be more demoness than goddess for some.

It is available to purchase HERE And is £56.00 for 50ml.

Let me know what you all think as I think this one is going to cause a divide.



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