Bridget Bloody Jones

This may appear a bit of a random post but the other day I was having a shall we say interaction with my darling husband about feminism and how he believed me to be one .Now before you all imagine me burning my bra and other pointless acts to demonstrate my ideologies, may I declare I am not a feminist.

I will however admit to getting really annoyed at how media latches on to the fact that girlie girls are supposed to be weak, incredibly naive and easily influenced.

I am going to insert a video clip here that I wish you all to watch before I proceed…..

Powerful or what well done Dove . I too have been guilty of saying to my son ” stop being a girl” in the past. After watching this I felt ashamed , ashamed that I had demeaned my own gender to highlight a failing in the opposite sex.

So onto Bridget Jones and why this film to me has so many clichés that it makes me want to slap that chubby little face of hers and say …. ‘Get a bloody life ‘ !!!!

The films creators try to portray her as a strong independent woman, albeit totally contradicted by the fact that she leaves herself at the beck and call or not call in most cases of men. So this bright intelligent girl sells her soul to the devil preferring to play puppy to an owner whom quite frankly the RSPCA would lock up. but it’s okay because it’s funny she drinks too much and secretly smokes , hiding the real her away preferring instead to conform to the idealism of her parter.

Screw that, I’m me and guess what I break wind , now I’m not about to start asking you to pull my finger and rattle off a chorus from the West End out of my back passage. But I’m human and if I do it then get over it.

And I wee , poop , burp and have awful breath in the morning!

Poor Bridget always on a diet , but always throwing chardonnay down her neck. Because that’s what women do right ? We turn to drink , ice cream and love songs…. Because we are incapable of recognising that whatever has happened isn’t our fault because after all it probably was . Bullshit !!!!! We learn from it we raise a well manicured middle finger towards our phones we delete his or her number and leave the ice cream in the fridge . We may have 99 problems but heartbreak cellulite isn’t gonna be one.

So as my darling husband so eloquently put it… you ladies want to pick and choose when to be equal ??? Yeah just like you men pick and choose when to act manly and when to act like mummy’s little soldier at 30 years old.Both sexes will use their gender and to work a given situation it’s called craftiness.

EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch this one if it is not aimed at a teen but at people over the age of 20 my guess is they are trying to sell you something . Bigger Boobs made my life so much better …. I am having the time of my life now I lost weight using the dust programme. Empowering woman to make strong choices is a key marketing ploy. And this is why I love the video clip at the beginning of my blog. When did you lose that confidence, when did you no longer believe that being a girl was a great thing just on its own. When did you need to change who you are to have a better chance in life …. Right after watching Bridget Bloody Jones I bet.


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