Book Review Six Lies by Ben Adams

When it comes to reading books I must confess to being a bit of a goer I have many of them on the go at the same time and dip in and put of them when I feel in the mood.

Okay that opening line sounds so wrong but I’m hoping you catch my drift.

I do prefer non-fiction myself because I do like to think that whilst I am reading I am also educating myself, after all you never know when you might be the saviour of a pub quiz one day.

But when I want to zone out and have some chewing gum for the mind , If it’s fiction then it has to be quirky, witty and stimulate my imagination as effectively as chocolate stimulates my taste buds. I have made many a purchase based upon reading the back cover of a novel at the airport, only to be using it as mosquito swatter 2 days in. Simply because it just didn’t do what it said on the back cover.

I guess what I am trying to say is I am a tough audience to perform to when it comes to fiction. So when I noticed a new follower of mine on Twitter was an author , I checked out his bio and it’s quirkiness peaked my interest so I cheekily asked for a copy of his new book to review.

And because he is a jolly nice chap Ben sent one on to me.

The book I received Six Lies tells the journey of one man David Fazackerley whom unbeknown to him has had his real parentage hidden from him since birth. The novel follows David as he plays detective to his own past as he sets out not only to reveal his true identity but win back the affections of his ex wife .And along with his friends attempt to become the next best thing since Oasis within their band Life in The Faz Lane.

The opening chapter of the book sets the scene beautifully for what lies ahead and just like the opening song of a West End Stage leaves you wondering if this really is going to be as good as it’s captivating opening gambit.

The style that Ben writes in is so easy to read, it is so wonderfully descriptive that is easy enough for you to imagine the characters and the surroundings without really actually giving it much thought, they just simply come to life.

I felt as if I knew David from the onset and being able to relate to a male character as the lead in a book is not the easiest of tasks , especially one filled with as much testosterone as David. But don’t worry the book has enough emotion and intrigue that the gender becomes irrelevant.

I never actually got to a point where I was comfortable putting the book down for the evening, it is so full of twists and turns that you just want to keep reading more and more to see what will be revealed next. I looked forward to the moment I could pick it up again and submerge myself into David’s world once again.

I am not sure how he does it but whilst reading the book I was so caught up in the storyline that it didn’t actually register how much the story had impacted upon me. Oddly over breakfast the day after I finished reading Six Lies and was explaining the plot to my husband I actually started welling up.

Six Lies Is like a good stripper, revealing enough to keep you transfixed but not enough to leave you feeling that’s it peaked too soon with nothing left to uncover.

If you are young old, male or female you will enjoy this book. It is easy to read, has humour, highs. lows and everything great in between. It would make a superb holiday or bedtime read. In fact it is a great anytime any place read.

I have just ordered Ben’s first book Six Months to Get a Life from AMAZON

So thanks Ben for being kind enough to send me the book, for keeping me entertained for the past 5 days and for one of the best reads I have had since Jon Ronsons The Psychopath Test.

You can check out Ben’s work HERE

Why not also give him a follow on twitter @benadamsauthor


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