Blogging B*******

This evenings blog comes from my heart and maybe with age , plus the ability to know the power words behold . I see so many blog posts centred around what would prevent others from reading blog posts.

Blogs are a bit like engaging with a group conversation at a party , you either engage , enjoy and contribute or you politely walk away and join another more suited to your interests. And no point would you ever say…….

STOP this conversation right there … I think that this conversation would flow better if A) You gave less information and just cut to the chase B) Altered the tone of your voice and c) Made it less complicated .

You just wouldn’t do it.

So why do people think it’s acceptable to write blogs aimed at berating others ????

According to Wikipedia a blog is …

a website containing a writer’s or group of writers own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.

The very essence of writing a blog to condemn that of another is futile , it’s just your opinion… like their blog is their opinion.

It’s easy walk away from the conversation as if you were really in the room , don’t knock the confidence of another it’s unfair.

Personally I have read some great blogs that have had typo’s , a novice layout. And by comparison others with complicated layouts that were an adventure to navigate.To be honest it is the content that matters to me . I look beyond the techy stuff , the grammar and the swanky blog , it’s what is written that engages me and makes wants me to read more. And if I don’t engage then I move on knowing that in this big wide world there are millions of others whom will.

It’s a party on the internet let’s enjoy it mingle and have a great time ….


I think Russ says it best….. Have a great weekend Bloggers …..

One thought on “Blogging B*******

  1. I love this blog post <3
    There just isn't a need to hate like you said if you don't like it don't read it, it really is that simple!
    Less hate more love and acceptance <3

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