When bloggers turn BAD !!

Okay being new to the blogging community I feel that I have to have a voice to show my position on situations which arise within our network. Often a fresh pair of eyes can notice more things which pass others by.

Firstly thanks to all of you whom have made me welcome and have decided to follow this random blonde who seems to have a lot to say. I love you all.

Now I will cut to the chase….. I was alarmed to hear this week that another blogger had really quite mean comments aimed at her after she blogged about her forthcoming Breast Augmentation. This amazed me I would expect such comments from random people with nothing better to do than scour the internet trolling others but another blogger. Wow !!!!

Now we are all entitled to our own opinions and they can indeed be diverse when it comes to cosmetic surgery. However when somebody makes the decision to write about something personal to them aimed in the first instance at assisting others then in my eyes I think they are courageous.

A comment is a briefly expressed opinion…. Not an open invitation to berate the honesty and decision making of another. A simple” It’s not something I would consider but I wish you luck” is what I would expect to see from a peer within the same community of dedicated passionate writers trying to craft a community which is open honest and friendly.

I am sure the author expected some negativity regarding this post and a well-constructed argument can indeed be engaging and useful to both educate and inform .These types of comments are always welcome on my blog I would even encourage them.

So why am I writing this blog??? Because I can…. because sometimes not saying anything is worse than saying something.

I will let Bobby end this post for me….this is how we settled things back in the 80’s. That and leaving a horses head on your pillow !!! (joke)

4 thoughts on “When bloggers turn BAD !!

  1. This makes me sad 🙁 It’d be one thing if the blogger sharing her upcoming breast augmentation was trying to convince others to get cosmetic surgery, then I can understand some backlash! But trying to be reliable source for other women going through any cosmetic procedure and receiving such negativity is honestly so disappointing to hear.

  2. I am so glad you have written this, I totally agree that sometimes not saying anything is worse than saying something. Yes – everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but there is no need to express them if your intentionally trying to upset someone. ’nuff said.

    Great post!

    Linds x

    1. Thank you , I felt compelled to write it . We have a duty of care not only to the audience we write for but to our peers also. Like you say have an opinion and express it in an appropriate manner. Thanks Linds x

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