Beware Of The Christmas Beauty Scammers


Most shopping centers have them these days, you know those little stands that set up in the middle of the main walkway where you can have your teeth whitened, eye brows threaded or even purchase a wooden giraffe if it takes your fancy. But lurking in there also are the random beauty muggers

Yes muggers!!! They approach you and try and lure you into their space handing out unnecessary cheesy compliments in a bid to get you onside and to part with lots of money.

So there I was going about my business when I was approached by a young smooth Italian man who showered me with compliments on how stunning I was looking and that he had something to show me.

After informing this young man I really didn’t have time he took my hands and said… Let me just show you this product and proceeded to lead me to a sink by my hands where he then starting rubbing salt into them. Informing me that this would remove all of the dirt that was actually inside my skin the stuff you cannot see!!!!

Hardly what I would expect on our first date, he didn’t even buy me a drink

Naturally when I washed my hands dirt came off but this was a shopping center I had touched escalators rails, money, door handles and lots of other dirty surfaces since my hands were last washed so of course there was going to be dirt. He then rubbed some hand cream in my freshly washed hands constantly asking me “how this felt “?

To me it felt like I was being treat like a woman whom he felt a few cheesy compliments could fool into purchasing overpriced products.

The cost of this salt scrub and hand cream was £80.00 but… if I brought it straight away I could have them for £50. Bargain!!!

Naturally I rushed to get the cash out… NOT.

I said that I was a Beauty Blogger and that I had not heard of this brand before and did he have any small samples that I could take away and try before committing to such a hefty spend. He didn’t have any to give me surprisingly, which I found odd and a poor marketing plan by the company. But he did say he would throw in a face serum worth £120 and I could purchase all three for £90.

He may have been pretty but he really wasn’t that bright. After spending over 25 years in sales myself he really was trying to hard sell to the wrong person. I informed him that he was way too pushy and that he had hardly given me a chance to talk, and that had found out nothing about my skin care needs.

Constantly talking with no real interaction may work for OVC but not face to face and certainly not with somebody who writes about beauty products on a weekly basis.

We said our goodbyes and he said that he would “ hold those amazing process for me for the next ten minutes”, but I must be warned they “may sell out before then”. Which got me thinking if this was the case then I would have anticipated queues and not the requirement to kidnap people going about their business. So I was pretty safe in the knowledge that these super products would be there still a the end of the day

So during this last week of Christmas don’t be fooled or bullied into purchasing over priced beauty products from these people. Beauty products should be seen as personal feel good luxury and an experience you are involved in.


* The company in question I am not going to name on here but have emailed them directly .The website looks professional and some of the products interesting so I do not want to offer out a bad review of something that has just been represented so badly by it’s employees.

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