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There has been so much hype about Bee venom that it almost makes you sceptical. I do think that some people will jump on any bandwagon to be “relevant”.

Now you can actually go and get stung by bees as a form of Beauty Therapy. Yes that really is a thing and of you want to read more you can do so HERE

So when in last months Beauty Blogger box arrived with this product tucked inside it was a good opportunity to see if it really was a thing or just a rather nasty sting in the tale … (comedy genius right there folks)

Nectar from the Beebio Anti-Ageing skincare range claims to have an instant effect on the rather delicate eye area. Now this seemed a lot less painful than the live treatment so what could go wrong????

As it turns out nothing as this product is actually really rather good, the packaging is light stylish and the pump mechanism isn’t one of cheap manufacture that ceases to work after a week. The serum itself has a slightly medicinal scent to it but not one that lingers or is at all off putting.

A little of this product goes a long way and therefore the bottle will last you quite some time. After application the fine lines around my eyes were noticeably and I really mean this less visible. Try it on the back of your hand and compare the two hands you will be blown away at how quickly this works.

My skin felt soft and looked a lot smoother, any puffiness disappeared almost instantly.

So what is actually inside this product?

Well you will be pleased to hear no nastiness for a start just Active Manuka Honey and Pure Bee Venom.

The science bit.

Bee venom is the schnozzles it has so many great properties that you would be two years older by the time you have finished reading this post if I were to type them all up.

So I have found a very useful article, which explains it all very nicely.HERE

The product is available to purchase from

And will cost an investment of £62.00, of your hard earned pounds, the return on that investment will be good so it is worth the payout.

BeeBio use the strapline …

“Age with Elegance”

So with that in mind I am heading over to the website to see what other Bee –autiful products from their range can do for me.



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