Is Beauty A Drug ? Blogmas Day 19

Is beauty a drug for people with an OCD for perfection? I had this question asked of me the other day. Now my initial reaction was to find the nearest heavy object club them over the head with it and drag them out of the dark ages, but then I got to thinking is this how the industry is perceived?

Do people really think that those of us with an interest in beauty are obsessed with trying to create a perfect persona?

Say for example you find a piece of furniture in an auction and through its battered and aged veneer you see the beauty that lies beneath, so you take it home , you take good care of it and you find the perfect products to restore it back to its original state. Now this isn’t creating perfection its breathing life into something that has aged and needs a bit of TLC and that for me is exactly what beauty is about. It’s not about trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ears it’s taking what life gave you taking care of it and making the best of what you have.
When you take that item of furniture and strip it back to its raw self and using your skills transform it to look at its best of course you want to display it proudly. So why the hell can’t somebody take good care of their skin lovingly enhance it and show case it without being perceived as overtly obsessed with perfection.

So my question back would be. Is a person’s cynical thinking the by-product of desire with a lack of will to drive it forward?

So I raise two perfectly manicured fingers to these cynics and look forward to my next fix at Boots where all us foundation and lipstick crackheads gather to score our next big hit.


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