Bad Blogs and Bingo

As somebody whom takes pleasure in promoting ageing as being a positive passage of growth both physically and mentally it is disappointing to hear of other blogs giving advice which border lines….


Naturally this isn’t what was said but it may as well have been, my fellow bloggers and I recoiled in horror as we heard such tales as “ ensure your make-up is all muted tones, no bright pink , and dress for your age .

My Bad !


Seriously this sort of advice should be taken as seriously as a one legged man in an ass kicking competition.

As Ingrid Bergman so beautifully described it.

“ Growing old is like climbing a mountain, you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better”

It is not

“Growing old is like climbing a mountain, but you don’t climb you get a stair lift and when you get to the top you try not to let the wind blow the crochet blanket off your lap”

My mother in her 70’s is a proper glamorous lady she is technically savvy uses twitter, emails, texts and is actually way more advanced in that way than my sister is. I for one forget she is as old as she is because she still appears the same lady she was in her 40’s.

And why the hell shouldn’t she. Stereotyping is a disease. the traits associated with old people are seen in people of all ages that is a fact.Let’s not spread this disease any further. Bad advice is like sneezing without a hanky !!! Rude and infectious.

I have however thought of a very clever way that us oldies can disguise our makeup to conform to this rules should you be too afraid to rebel. I just need a makeup company to make them for us.

Here is a set of bingo daubers.


This is something every person over the age of 40 (if you were to read some blogs) should have in their bag. All we need is for these to be converted to chubby, lipsticks, concealers, blushers, and BINGO (see what I did there) we will have skillfully fooled the masses.

I even have a marketing pitch …

Ladies don’t let growing old leave you feeling like “two fat ladies”, with our discreet makeup range we can leave you looking “top of the shop “ without resembling “Danny La Rue”.

I’m pretty sure I am on to a winner, maybe not with my new makeup range but with my attitude to getting older I know this much, the time I do have left on this earth will have little much by the way of limitations.


3 thoughts on “Bad Blogs and Bingo

  1. ha ha ha ha………you’re bingo idea is genius. HOWEVER, I will never listen to the old before their time fuddy duddys, dressed like a cat lady with a crocheted blanket over their knees!!! Life is too damn short and at 46 I am living life to the max. My kids are older now and me and the hubby do the walk of shame, coming in after them in the early hours! I am happier in myself right now than I was in my twenties, thats for sure, although I’m not gonna lie, I’d love a bit of help with the wrinkles, some my say grow old gracefully, no chance, disgracefully all the way!! Great post.

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