Arbonne Review , Bonne or Mal ???

When I was asked to try a number of products from the Arbonne range my first thoughts were … Who are the hell are they ??? Now I am thinking why haven’t I heard of this company before?

With most of us today preferring our products to be a organically sound as possible I was surprised I hadn’t seen more regarding this range of botanically based products being promoted.

Could I have stumbled upon an untapped pool of goodies??

Guided by the principles of green chemistry the brands products are pure and safe, vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. It really is nature brought for you to enjoy in cosmetic form. The company has been established for thirty-five years and sources the very best of ingredients from around the globe.

The products I wish to draw your attention with this post and first and foremost are two from the RE9 advanced anti-ageing range.


Restorative Day Cream. £42.00 37ml

This absorbed well into the skin and felt like it was nourishing my skin throughout most of the day. I would even go as far as to say my make-up appeared to last longer than usual. The fact that it contains an SPF of 20 means it ticks the protection box too. Over the 2 weeks my skin did appear plumper, I wouldn’t say this was because it minimised any fine lines but more because it was giving my skin the right amount of hydration it needed and was clearly lacking previously.

Night Repair Cream. £70.00 30ml

The first thing I noticed about this was the fact it smelt of Almonds, so that alone was already a winner in my eyes. Anything, which is going to make me smell like marzipan all night, is good for me. So the fact that it actually made me look a lot fresher in the morning than I had done in a long time. Meant that it had me leaping to the bathroom mirror with joy and I sneakily feel my husband felt a bit like he had me but 5 years ago to wake up to. With Collagen support this really does wipe out that early morning fatigue. My skin certainly looked and felt firmer by the end of my two-week trial.

I also tried the smoothing facial cleanser but I have to say it would take a real gem to shift me away from cleansing balms and this wasn’t the one to do it. But it’s still a lovely cleanser for those of you still preferring to use a cream.

I was also sent some products from the oily/combination line to try and passed these on to a friend with a suitable skin type to try.


I think it’s fair to say that she was over the moon with the results from using the Oil-Absorbing Day lotion. £33.00 50 ml

She described it as a primer with attitude; yes this moisturiser also acts as a mattifying agent. So it’s “Bye Bye” to grease and “Hello” to flawless skin. With an SPF of 20 it provides sun protection too. Needless to say she is now hounding me for more products to try.

Browsing through the catalogue there is much more to his company than great skin. They also provide a whole range of make-up, hair and nutrition essentials including Sports nutrition. It’s like a holistic range in every sense of the word.


I did also try the Make-up Primer. £27.00 30ml

I have to say I liked how it glided onto the skin leaving it looking and feeling smooth. It did a great job at reducing the appearance of fine lines and blemishes and acted as a sound base for make-up and increased it’s longevity.

The body lotion was also great and left my skin feeing soft but alas the small sample sizes meant that I couldn’t really give it a fair enough trial length to comment beyond this.

The great thing about this company is that you can actually become part of it’s success either as a client, a preferred client that gives you 20% discount or as an independent consultant which sees you receiving a whopping 35% discount.

So if this sounds like something you might wish to consider and you would like to to learn more then I have an expert on hand to offer you all the help and guidance you need.

Whether you are a stay at home mum , work part time or just need a little extra money to indulge your hobby of blogging, this could be worth considering.

You can get in touch with Mel on the contact details below.

Tel :07958140257

Or you can visit her website to view more from this great range and for further advice and info.


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