April Favourites

April is the cruelest month according to T.S Elliot…. But not at Fortyfied Beauty it isn’t , and boy do I have some lovely products to tempt you with this month so with no further adieu let’s get started.


As we move away from the festive scents and more towards citrus and meadow like undertones naturally my candle stock had to be replenished. Now along with a some spring scents which I will feature next month , this Village Candle caught my eye. Tell me one person who does not like the scent of hot buttered bread …. I bet you can’t??? I picked this up not expecting it to smell anything like it , but was I wrong too darn right I was . This smells just like your nose is hovering an inch above a basket of freshly baked and buttered french bread. It reminds me of family breakfasts, romantic meals and being home. I literally cannot stop sniffing this.


Now moving away from the candles and onto a room scent , this Spiced Pear `& Ginger Room Perfume by Sanderson smells like an English Garden.Sweet pear notes are mixed with subtle spices and Lavender to create a scent that inspires you to take deep breathes and enjoy the calmness within the room it is sprayed.


Let’s move on to some skin related products that I have been using during April that I have loved. You may remember me tweeting about purchasing the Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid treatment by Sunday Riley . YES it does come with a large price tag and therefore I was a little nervous about whether I had just wasted the equivalent of 4 YSL lipsticks !! But….. after using it for a month I can honestly say that I think this stuff is Da Bomb……


And I will be buying it again. Yes it smells like something that you clean pipes with , yes for a start your face tingles and sometimes goes a bit red . But stick with it and the results are next level. My skin looks more youthful then ever , appears fresh , taught , hydrated and glowing fine lines have been reduced and the creases around my mouth are filing out. so if you can afford to treat yourself I would suggest that this is the product to splurge on… but be warned you better start saving for it’s replacement because you are a gonna want it girly .

The next product is one which I received in Aprils Birchbox , The Pommade Divine , a multi purpose remedy to soothe calm and protect dry sensitive skin. I have been using this on my lips instead of my Elizabeth Arden 8 hr balm and I have to say it is just as good . It has a slight hint of clove to the taste and isn’t quite so greasy feeling as the 8hr balm. In fact I think I prefer this my lips have stayed smooth and hydrated which has become a real issue for me since wearing a brace.I will be buying the full sized product when this runs out.

As we look at baring parts of our body and tossing the lycra tights into the bin it is important that the skin we show is in tip top condition therefore for me April heralds the month of body skin prep…

I received the celebrate body lotion in my LUSH Christmas gift box and I am livid to now read it is limited edition. This cream is better than The body Shop Butters .This particular one is made with oranges, almond oil , lime and a splash of cognac it smells amazing and melts into your skin like butter on warm toast. The next mooring my skin is still feeling as smooth as when I applied it the night before. I am off to Lush with this pot to get them to whip up something similar because I refuse to never use this again until Christmas !!! I refuse I tell ya refuse !!!!!!!!!


Now onto 3 makeup products to tent you with . I have been using The One fluid Blusher by Makeup Revolution in shade Rush Me, daily for the last month, the peachy tone is so spring like and pretty and suits all skin tones and makeup looks. It is so easy to apply and blend , as well as being disgustingly cheap to purchase . Makeup revolution WE LOVE YOU !!!

April was the month I discovered the Instant Anti-age foundation and concealer from Maybelline. I am addicted this foundation (I used shade 20 beige Eclat) its is just like a second skin , it is weightless easy to apply and lets your skin shine through, but still gives great coverage. This is now beating the Rimmel Wake Me up Foundaion to the Number 1 slot in my foundation Top Ten.

Right up there alongside it is it’s sexy sibling The Eraser a Perfect & Cover Concealer that stays out all day and banishes those dark circles or blemishes . Both come in packaging with a sponge applicator and a twist up pump mechanism .I can honestly say I am not in any hurry to try anything else for quite a while and that says a lot for me !!!


And lastly I had to show you this gorgeous ring I purchased from Not on The Highstreet it is so unique and pretty and I adore it..It is made by a lovely little seller called charlottesweb so go check them out.

Phew that was a long favourite so lets end it with a tune that i have also been loving this month . Enjoy !!!!


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