A message to Zoella & Co

There is a practice amongst skydivers that I applaud. Those at championship level receive the best rigs as part of sponsorship deals. And after a period of use will either sell them for next to nothing or just give them away to up and coming novice skydivers . How great a concept is this ? It is seen as the right thing to do and is expected of them.

So with this news fresh in my head it reinforces my firm belief that the so called ” popular ” You Tubers can and should be doing more to assist aspiring talent. Their vlogs are very incestuous , promoting other high profile vloggers fueling the already ignited flames. In the background there is an army of supporters a high percentage of which are Vloggers themselves with small subscription numbers and often great content. You see the comment fields littered with comments screaming ” please check out my channel it would mean so much to me ”

I wonder how many of them actually do read them , and how many of them have actually thought about featuring up and coming unknown vloggers on their channels ?

Okay so they can sit and review make-up , clothes, video games , etc but how about reviewing new channels . Vloggers with low subscription numbers whom deserve more. One mention of ” This channel is fab go check it out and say Zoella sent you can have a huge effect. Look at Hannah Mags !!!!!

It is giving something back for doing very little , and the smallest motion can often cause tidal wave.

If just one of them broke away from the agencies rules that no doubt fuel this need for cross promotion then this person would stand out a mile. This person would be one we all remember. The one whose dreams came true so he or she helped build them for others.

So let’s start this off by doing the same for bloggers. Each Friday I will choose a new blog and vlog with low numbers and I will promote the bejesus out of it on twitter and social media.Let’s give back to this community as much as we take out of it.

Let’s not just beef up the already high traffic areas but give others a chance to shine too. And if they have the talent then they will not only grow from the seeds we plant but will flourish.

Want to join me ? Friday will be #thebutterfly effect.


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