A letter to my Tangle Teaser

Dear Tangle Teaser.

You know when you discover something that just changes your life for the better and you instantly forge that inseparable bond? Well that is exactly what has happened to me and sadly it means that you and I are parting ways.

I know what you are going to say how on earth can another hairbrush treat you better than I ever did?

It’s going to be hard to hear after all you were my number one. We met because my hair is fine and super knotty. Can you recall after a slight walk in the wind birds would start nesting in the back of it, before I returned home to your arms and let you smooth things out.

You always use to rush to my aid after the shower but let’s admit it we have been through some tough times. Remember whilst my hair is wet even seeking help from detangling spray it never really helped us that much. You always did your best to look after me I know. But and I could hear my hair ripping and breaking as you tried so gently to tease it out knot after knot.

Well I am sorry to do this before Christmas but as I said , I have met somebody new and the way they make me feel goes way beyond what we had. I have fallen for The Wet Brush


You see the way it is ergonomically designed means that it glides effortlessly through my hair wet or dry and leaves me with soft silky hair with no breakage. It’s slick slim body is a joy to hold and I am head over heels in love.

And it’s not just me this affects .Can you also remember how my son use to cry when his hair had to be brushed too. Well not anymore because The Wet Brush has dried up those tears and put a smile back on his face after bathtimes.

We are a family now and whilst I cherish the time we had together I am sorry but it’s Goodbye.

Farewell my prickly friend.


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