A chatty end to Blogmas

So I was sat thinking what my last Blogmas post could be about. And then I got thinking about just writing something for me not for anybody else. A blog is supposed to be somewhere we log things, which others can read and perhaps relate to, it could be our passions, our experiences or just our life. So for the last Blogmas of 2015 it is going to be a chatty one, so just imagine you and I are sat in Costa and having a catch up.

Mine is a Toffee Hot Chocolate btw.


As we approach Christmas 2015 the first thing that springs to mind is that my little boy is growing into a young man, older and wiser than his ten years I can almost feel those apron strings tying themselves in knots inside my belly. The urge to keep him young fighting against the need to let him mature is a battle every mum will face. Whilst dads want them to mature and become young men, mums want to retain their baby boy for as long as they can.

This time last year we had a new edition to the family our four-legged friend Peanut the Malshi .One year on and he has stolen our hearts, I have gained a toddler again and it is he best feeling ever-unconditional love and a new best friend.


My blog has grown over 2015 and so has it’s following, just one year into blogging I have been honored to work with and supported by some great brands and more importantly been inspired and motivated by my peers. I feel blown away that some many of you enjoy my writing and are forever thankful for the support shown by my readers. That’s you btw.

I have pushed myself mentally and physically more than ever recovering from a failed operation (walking on a broken foot for over a year) and putting myself through another to correct this more recently.

I never once gave up I saw it as an inconvenience rather than an issue .I took advantage of new opportunities at work which has led to a bit of a career change in January 2016.

My family and friends have supported me during challenging times. I am lucky to have such an amazing team behind me because that is what they are to me my team, not one selfish person amongst them.

My life isn’t perfect and I would never portray it to you all to be so , my husband and I very often fight like cat and dog. But the key is, we fight we don’t let it build up into resentment until one day it sees the death of our friendship. Because without that you don’t have a relationship.

I can be a perfectionist, he is a free spirit we could not be more opposite to each other. But it works and my god does that combination produce a great child.

I have worked hard all year and I always have done . I will continue to do so until the day it is no longer possible.

I miss my dad who passed away 14 years ago and still get angry at the world and him, the fact that he left my mum and I so early .But I am thankful that she found happiness again and grateful for the love and kindness shown to us by my step father

I am still wearing braces and have gone through some very awkward looking stages over the last year. gappy not gappy , wonky, straighter, gappy again straight again. And as my teeth move to find their perfect spot this dear friends is what life does too.

So if this year sees you in a bad place believe me next year will be different for you I promise.

So as we approach Christmas and that nostalgic feeling washes over us this is some of the thoughts and feelings that will be going through my mind. It won’t all be Instagram worthy or wrapped up in pretty paper to look great for all to see. And it is important to remember this about others you let into your life via social media don’t compare you lives to the small snapshot you see .

Personally I abhor the hashtag #goals.

I just wanted to post something raw and real to end Blogmas with and my final words before Christmas to you all are this: –

“Look around that table on Christmas day and be thankful for every single person that is there with you. Enjoy them, switch off your phones and engage and interact with the people in front of you. Bloggers / Vloggers will all still be here if you have a few days off.
Remember a Blog/Vlog is a diary you can reflect upon these whenever you like. What you cannot do is rewind the clock. “

I hope you all have a lovely happy and healthy Christmas. So have fun , laugh lots , stay safe , be kind and eat and drink until you fall into a Christmas induced coma.

I thank you all for your support and kindness over the last year and I look forward to what 2016 may bring for us all.Because I just know that we are going to OWN it !!!!

Happy Christmas Beautiful People



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