5 ways to kick your own ass !!

5 ways to kick your own ass, come on we all need to do this from time to time. !!!


Be your own critic

As hard as it is to look at yourself and find fault, you need to.

Now before I get burnt at the stake for this comment I am not talking body image here. I am talking about your actions, the way you treat and speak to others.

At work you are probably subjected to a performance review annually . Well you need to perform one of these on yourself as well . Think about what went well in your life and what didn’t and the part you played in any outcomes.

Hindsight really is a wonderful thing if you use it properly.

Look at your shortcomings and what you can do better next time.
Don’t be so arrogant to think that you are never wrong or fine the way you are. We can all be better people believe me.

Know which battles to enter into.

If you go through life without arguing with anybody then let me know because I would love to see what your life is turning out like little miss/mr agreeable.

Now I am not saying arguing is great and we should all aim for at least two arguments a week.

But …..

What I am saying is that it’s part of life.

How you handle arguments however is a different thing.

Not all arguments are worth winning sometimes its just best to walk away. Smart people allow space between themselves and those they don’t like.

But if you have to interact with those you would rather not be in the same postcode as then pause and get a grip on your adrenaline pump. You need to tap into the smart part of your brain, which contains rationale you will then be able to have a conversation with them without wanting to put your hands around their throat.

Know when to draw the line.

Some things in life can not only drain your energies but also alter your perception of what’s normal. By learning to recognise when something isn’t going how it should you can either walk away and towards something more positive and fulfilling or start to draw some boundaries.

This applies to relationships, work, and friendships. If you know what your priorities are in life then setting boundaries is easy.

And when you think about setting boundaries and often the compromises, which ensue .You, will soon realize that all you are doing is setting your limits in terms of time and energy and your desire and ability to sacrifice.

These are all important in keeping you from making commitments on a day when you are feeling particularly kind. A day when time may not really afford it , causing you to neglect a more important priority be it a person,job or responsibility.

Don’t be fearful of others.

First thing first, as a human you have evolved to be fearful it’s in your genetics we all have an element of fear.

But you can choose which fears are rational and which aren’t. We need a certain amount of fear to keep us alert and on our guard, that’s good we don’t want to loose that .

What we do want however is to control our vulnerability to intimidation. People are just people and when you feel intimidated by somebody that fear comes from you not them. So remember that.

Don’t suffer from too much jealousy.

Ann Frank once said, “ Look at the beautiful things left around you and be happy “ Now if somebody who went through sheer hell can say and believe that, then I am sorry what excuse do you have no to?

Jealousy serves no purpose it only serves to feed your negative state of mind. Don’t look at others when it comes to apportioning blame for a jealous outburst.

That my dear friend is your emotion not theirs.

Know the difference between envy and jealousy.

Envy surrounds what you would like to have but don’t possess, whereas jealousy surrounds what you have and do not wish to lose.

When you realize the difference between the two you can control how those feelings impact upon you and those involved. It is about you feeling somebody has an advantage over you.

Now you may have noticed for the title that I said don’t suffer from too much jealousy. I said this because actually small amounts can be motivating.

But when it gets out of control is actually damaging so limit that jealousy to motivate only.

Top Tip,

Don’t compare what you have to others, like Anne Frank said “look at the beauty of what you and you alone have and just enjoy that”.

I hope that some of my little life lessons have made you at least think of ways you can self improve. And leave me a comment if you have any others great tips.



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