3 Generations 1 Make-Up Revolution…

What better occasion than mothers day to bring 3 generations of gorgeous mums together and treat them to a make over all in the name of beauty research.

The experiment:-

To see how one makeup brand performed when used on three different skin types all of differing ages.

The Products….. Makeup Revolution.



The Participants…..


Aged 73 more commonly known to me as mum…

The kind benefactor of my great cheekbones and flawless skin.



Aged 53 otherwise known as my sister….


beneficiary of the cheek bones and unlike her sister ( me) hardly uses makeup.

And lastly…

Aged 32 my gorgeous niece and Shirley’s daughter.


Together even bare faced all three are beautiful amazing mums.


Wether you are a stay at home mum on a budget , a high flying executive mum or a retired mum and grandma you have all earned the right to feel special without feeling the guilt mums do about spending money on makeup.

The reason I love Make Up Revolution so much is that EVERYBODY can afford their products , absolutely nobody is priced out of their range .But can their products really be accessed by all and can my mother at 73 still get the same effect using their products than those specifically designed for ageing skin.

I already have an wide range of Makeup Revolution products but they kindly sent me along a few more to fill the gaps and to help with this blog so huge thanks to Make Up Revolution.

One product I had not purchased which they kindly sent was their Ultra Face Base Foundation in shade 02. I applied this using their foundation brush and it applied like a dream .It is a medium consistency and absorbed nicely into all of the skin types. Amazingly this foundation had the brightest and best transformational effect on my mums skin. The colour mach was perfect and it evened out her skin tone well and looked absolutely flawless. Also sent over was the cover and conceal pallet and once again this product performed brilliantly and tackled the dark circles particularly on my sister beautifully .Why I had not purchased this set before I do not know !! Both of these products gave a great base and did not look at all cakey on the older skin. So far so good….. I used a mixture of colours from the 32 shade make up pallet again no creasing , no cakey look and enough colours to enable you to choose a more subtle look for the minimal make-up wearer within the group.prior to applying the eyeshadow I used the focus and fix eye primer.

Another product new to me was their Viper Mascara in shade black. This mascara has a curved wand to match the shape of the eye , get the technique right and every single lash gets a coating adding just enough volume to really open up those eyes without turning them into spiders . A lovely product which can give a subtle look or a striking look dependant on the number of coats applied.

With blushers available in all colours of the cheeky spectrum you cannot fail with these pallets personally the sugar and spice one is my staple and this is the one I used on the ladies to create a nice subtle healthy pinched effect to those cheeks.The hot spice pallet i used to contour.

To finish off the look makeup revolution lipsticks in shades Dusky and Mystify

This buttery feeling lipstick is a dream to apply and the results speak for themselves.


Let’s look at the evidence









I think we can all agree that no matter what your age is Makeup Revolution is a brand that will enhance the natural beauty mother nature gifted you with, from young skin to old , whether you go for a subtle look or a strong one this brand works with you to create a look that is both easy to afford and priceless to look at.

It’s not too late to treat the lady that you owe your life to… I have posted this early so you can still hit the shops for tomorrow . Go out purchase a wicker basket and fill it with products from this remarkable range I bet your mum will be raving about these products to all of her friends but be warned if you still live at home you risk a few of your own going missing afterwards.

Happy mothers Day you remarkable ladies .

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