10 things your mum will never tell you …


The very thing that makes a family stick , the glue to life’s breakable shell. If you are lucky enough to have one whose maternal instincts outrank any other , then you will probably already know that she has sacrificed a lot in her one life to give you the best chance in yours.

I am writing this post because as my sons gets older and reaches the age were dad becomes centre stage and I have to fall back to the wings, I realise one thing. That the star of the show will always be me , because in the production that is called life mum knows everybody’s else’s lines because guess what ? She is ready and primed to step into a supporting role.

So ten things that your mum will never admit to …..

1) In your early years she worried more about you thriving than she cared about herself, she wasted a mountain of food trying to find the one thing you would eat and when you fell asleep with a full belly she feasted on your scraps too tired to cook for herself.

2) When you are ill she would give anything to swap places with you , she will sleep with one eye and ear open just in case you wimpered her name and if you do she will be by your side in a nano second with a loving smile, even though she could cry with tiredness.

3) She worries from the the day you were born about you , driving a car , getting in with the wrong crowd , and more premature scenarios .This anxious state is always present and even tough she worries about you falling down the slide at 3 years old she will encourage you to climb to the top with promises that she won’t let you fall.

4) She cries more over you than you will ever realise.

5) She will have lots of stuff she has saved for you since the day you were born .She will pretend that it’s for when you are older but really she keeps them for herself because she can’t let go of a single era of your life.

6) When you cuddle her she will close her eyes and hope that they never end , because the day you stop hugging her just does not bare thinking about.

7)You inspired her to be more because she wanted to lead the way and you were watching.

8)When you go through those teenage years and say mean things,you will one day forget…. she never will .

9)Her own mortality scares her from the day you came into the world.

10) And lastly you mum will never admit to the fact that one day she will have to step back and let somebody else love you in just as an encompassing way as she does . But in the back of her mind she knows that should that person fail she already knows the script.

This post is dedicated to my mum , a lady of remarkable values a lady who I respect more than anybody else on this earth.

I am 43 I love my mum and I am bloody proud to show it so should you be … so go on what you waiting for go tell her.


One thought on “10 things your mum will never tell you …

  1. This is such a lovely post..I’m a soppy person all the time but I honestly do think you can never tell someone enough how much you care about or love them and I make sure I tell my parents everyday xx

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